The Crazy Mixed Up World Of Social Networking

I had an "in".  A really big "in" and I was honored to be able to talk to 50+ Realtors who desperately needed help and advice with social networking.  What an opportunity!  With little to no notice I dove in head first.  Rambled on and on about the importance of social networking and what it can do for their business. 

How excited was I when the phone started to ring?  One call, two calls, three, four... Oh my!  So away I go downloading photos and googling like no other.  Chamber of Commerce sites, map sites, ap sites... I was on a roll.

Unbeknown to me, Facebook had changed its policy on using too many capital letters in one fan page name.  Yes... as luck would have it, I was working for multiple agents for RE/MAX On the River.  Yes, I can not create their pages with their full copyrighted name.   What a great start.  I am literally in limbo, and my phone is still ringing with more fan page orders.   Now, the word RE/MAX certainly can be found on Facebook, but those would be older (lucky!) accounts formed before this new rule came into play.

After 4 weeks of multiple attempts to communicate with Facebook with a desperate plea, I'm afraid I'm out of luck.  All these agents will have to have pages created without their copyrighted name. 

You must know, you can not ever change the name of a Facebook Fan Page once its created.  Delete only!

Think about it before you hit "save".