Wise To Be Social Is Giving a Big Shout Out To Full Circle Coupons!

A new website, Full Circle Coupons will be launched in January.  This on-line coupon site will be packed with coupons from local merchants from the Seacoast area and beyond.  Merchants will have access to their own profile page where they can showcase their business and manage their account.  It costs NOTHING for a merchant to be part of this incredible site.  Merchants will also be showcased throughout FCC's 20+ social network sites - free of charge!

Fundraisers will then sell memberships to the site for the low cost of $25.00, of which $12.50 will be sent back to the organization. No money to handle, no door to door sales needed.  Fundraisers will also have their own profile page and access via their dashboard.  Here they can check on their day to day earnings,and utilize their toolbox packed with templates for email blasts, flyers, marketing suggestions and text message help.   They will market via texts, emails and all their social network sites!  FCC will help market these groups throughout the World Wide Web as well! FCC is taking fundraising into the 21st century!

Members need only to find one or two coupons to pay for their membership costs.  One merchant, Donna McClure Photography is offering $225.00 worth of free photography sessions.  That certainly justifies a $25.00 membership! (Don't forget, $12.50 goes back to the fundraisers).  Coupons will be continuously added throughout your year long membership.  Plus, if you decide to renew (and who wouldn't) your membership will continue to support your organization sending half back to them once more.

Starting in the Seacoast and Rockingham County but moving throughout New Hampshire this spring!  Think about using FCC for your next fundraising event!

Stay tuned and I will post more closer to their January launch.  Full Circle is in Full Swing!

Feel free to email Brett@FullCircleCoupons.com for more information.