Elation Salon and Bodyworks is Now on Facebook!

Why should a salon have a Facebook Fan Page?  I hate to answer a question with a question, but why not?  Although social networking should not be your only form of marketing, it certainly is a compliment to your current advertising.  A Facebook Fan Page hits live to the World Wide Web. With every video you download, link that you add and photograph you share - you are literally opening up your business to millions of people.  Best part?  It's free!

What should a salon post?  Lets start with new products, future trends, and  beauty hits and misses.  I also suggest to try to create a "community" feel to your page.  Perhaps your town has a big festival coming up - I would post its specifics on your page.  Maybe suggest your fans to add their own photos and videos of local, community based happenings as well.  The sky is the limit!  There are all sorts of tricks to the trade and one simple posting, with a little knowledge, can hit hundreds of thousands of people on Facebook alone.  My next blog I will highlight some of these tricks.

Have fun and contact Wise To Be Social if you would like us to get you up and running on Facebook.  With over 500 million users, and half of them signing on every day - its a must have for bringing your marketing into the 21st century.

Become a fan of Elation Salon's on Facebook here!