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We realize that this is a powerful statement but three years ago when founder Audra Conklin looked up and saw the billboard with these words; it shook her to the core. As a holistic spa therapist and educator, Audra had been teaching about natural alternatives to conventional products for many years and was an avid environmentalist already. That day, however, inspired her passion and dedication to further educate as many people as she could reach. Knowing that the "green" movement was finally coming to fruition, Audra knew that she didn't want to target the people who were already "green savvy" and putting her degree in communications to good use, worked on making Modern Mermaids products appealing to all customers in the hopes of converting the more conventional shopper to becoming aware of the importance of using natural products. Using only pure essential oils and a soap base that is so safe it's "edible", Modern Mermaids cleaners and soaps are truly some of the best products on the market.
Early mornings going to Farmers' Markets was the best, most honest way to get in front of customers and really learn what was needed to take the business to the next level and after a year of markets, bottling in the kitchen and garage brought Modern Mermaids to the next step: selling to stores. Now, two years later the products can be found in natural food stores, gift shops, kitchen stores and grocery stores along the east coast of the US. Modern Mermaids Products are known for their amazing blend of peppermint, lavender and tea tree oils that not only safely give the products their smell but also boost their ability to clean and give people the benefit of essential oils. When asked if they really work, Audra's answer..." Of course! We don't want a onetime customer; we want a customer for life!"

Audra Conklin, founder of Modern Mermaids Eco-Products, has combined a communications degree with a license in holistic spa therapies to become a knowledgeable and passionate speaker in the "anti-chemical" movement. After a friend asked her if cleaning chemicals were possibly causing headaches, breathing problems and eye irritations after a day of cleaning, a seed was planted and the two women began creating non-toxic cleaners and other environmentally safe household products. Audra has worked for natural skin care companies such as AVEDA and Nature's Gate and has enjoyed the opportunity educating hundreds of people in spas and venues like Whole Foods Markets around the country. It was a simple transition to teach about the impact of chemicals in our environment and the importance of the mission on which Modern Mermaids was built. Many people have claimed that the information Audra teaches has helped them to make safer, healthier choices for their homes and families as Audra offers simple alternatives to harmful products. Whether an avid environmentalist or just beginning to understand the importance of "going green", a seminar with Audra offers something for everyone.

o                B.S. Communications, Summa Cum Laude, Emerson College
o                Licensed Holistic Skin Care Therapist
o                Certified Holistic Spa Therapist
o                National Educator
o                Founder/Owner of Modern Mermaids Eco-Products